7 Major Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing in 2019

Article-Top 7 Reasons to Start Video Marketing Now          …by Rich Webb

The Quickest Way to Stop Wasting Money in Your Marketing

Have you spent money on marketing or advertising options that just are not producing for you?

Did you spend money to build or improve your website or pay someone to do SEO and still no leads–no conversions–no profit?

Do you keep trying new advertising options that come out and promise you the moon for just a few sheckles but they keep leaving you high and dry? Almost as high and dry as the moon?

Weeeell, your answer might be found in the form of videos.


According to Buffer; companies that include videos in their marketing campaigns have 27% higher click-through rates and 34% higher conversion rates than companies not using videos.

OK, but what’s the big deal? That’s just another somewhat confusing number.

BECAUSE all of the research leads us to the exact same answer. Video marketing!

Apparently, it’s more than just the latest trend. Videos are a very versatile and profitable digital marketing tool.

In fact, we found a NUMBER OF NUMBERS that all add up to this…You must start using video marketing in your business.

So let’s take a look at SEVEN TOP DOCUMENTED REASONS that your business needs video.

(1)  Your conversions will increase along with your ROI.

To keep it simple… the foremost benefit of using videos is that they increase your sales…so naturally they also increase your ROI. Studies have shown that more than 70% of users who watched a video and related to a product… immediately bought it.

And how many businesses say that using video as a marketing tool has helped them get good returns on their investments?

More than 80%. That should be “Enough Said!”

(2) Because Google loves videos

Google is the parent organization behind YouTube, so like all parents they favor their child. Videos now directly affect your website’s overall search engine ranking and most google searches now show at least a few videos.

According to Moovly if a video is embedded in your website then your chances to be on top of search results increase by more than 50 times!

(3) Video generates and increases audience engagement.

The latest surveys show more than one-third of online activity involves watching videos.

In fact, audiences are 10X more likely to watch, share, like, embed, and INTERACT with your video content than any website copy, written blog or social media post– I repeat, that’s 10X more engagement.

Because using videos for your business is more likely to engage a lot of new customers; if you’re thinking about launching a new product or service—video marketing can be highly beneficial. It’s also been proven true that more than 80% of consumers prefer watching a video about a product rather than reading about it.

(4) Valuable information is more easily explained using video

With so many websites and products being launched every day using only content to provide information about your products and services can be quite competitive and boring for your visitors. You can make their visit to your site a more interesting one by adding more video.

However according to a study conducted by Forrester one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

So, you cannot help but conclude that adding a video to your landing pages can help you attract a bigger audience. Maybe not 1.8 million all at once, but…

(5) Video creates more social shares (remember, 10X more shares than a post without video)

Internet users watch an average of more than 6 hours of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.  More than 60% of Internet users say they’re more likely to share a BRAND VIDEO with their friends in comparison to brands that don’t have any videos.

Having a video can definitely help your brand go viral. Viral is always very difficult to achieve but with a video your chances increase 100X or more.

(6) Video engages more smartphone users

Given the growth of E-commerce, consumers are more likely to engage in videos a lot more than reading blogs and articles about the same thing.

It’s been shown that more than 50 percent of smartphone users prefer companies with mobile sites or apps that provide instructional video content.

(7) Video makes it easier and more likely to achieve an emotional connection

In general, prospective customers need to feel an emotional connection before they buy. They use logic to help make purchase decisions, or to justify emotional decisions…BUT, it is the emotional connection that causes them to buy.

Emotional connection is also the key to building long-term business relationships and to develop an abiding feeling of loyalty and trust. It is the primary key to increasing your Lifetime Customer Value. Video is one of the best tools for doing that.

So, I have now given you a large NUMBER OF NUMBERS that all seen to prove–video marketing can provide an immense and powerful engine to super-charge your business growth…

You can’t possibly put off the decision to use more video any longer.

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