What makes a good website? Here’s the MOST important thing about your site

Website? We don’t need no stinking website!

Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

Your website is still the ‘hub’ (or should be) of all your other marketing and advertising.

Your traditional media ads, your online ads, even your Facebook page…all make people aware that you exist and make potential customers aware of your products and services.

“Eighty six percent of those people who are interested in what they hear or see in your ads go to your website to check you out.”

Now a website has three primary functions it needs to do very well.

It needs to CATCH THEIR ATTENTION; it needs to engage with emotion and it needs to convert.

My friend, Gabriel Wong shortens it to ‘Hook’, ‘Story, and ‘Close’.

First, catching their attention is almost self-explanatory. But whatever you use to get their attention, you now need to keep their attention, you need to HOOK them and KEEP them interested.

Engagement means to be able to get them to pause…look closer…research… and investigate.

So, your website needs to be sticky. Most people leave a web site within five to ten seconds after they arrive because they don’t see something that’s relevant to them. Hook them before they leave!

You need to interrupt their existing state-of-mind, grab their attention, engage them with stories, relevance, value, or emotion and close them with a call-to-action or commitment of some kind.  

In the old days, the longer that somebody stayed in your store the more likely they were going to buy. Fast forward to the future and it is still true.

“You want to get visitors to hang around your website and loiter a little bit. Loiterers are always welcome!”

If they don’t stay on your web site to check it out, research or investigate what you offer, the chance of them buying is greatly reduced so…

Attention and engagement are extremely important.

BUT, here’s a critical thing. It does you no good to catch their attention and have them hang around if they don’t take any action or make any decision.

The third thing that your website needs to do is to convert, or close, or get a response. Now convert doesn’t mean that they have to make a purchase. Although nobody is going to complain if that should happen.

The conversion goal is what you want them to do when they visit your website.

Now most business owners think that it’s just to entertain or to provide information about your company.

However, would you keep a sales person on your staff in your payroll if all they did was provide information and entertain people?

Certainly not!

Your website could and should be able to function as your best sales person. It’s reliable and dependable and is always there 24/7 selling for you.

“You need to carefully decide what your closing objective is; what you want your prospects to do while and after they visit your website.”

It could be to fill out a form, it could be to sign up for your newsletter so you can send future offers and messages. If you have e-commerce; of course, it’s to have them make a purchase.

Your website should inspire them to immediately call or come in; but you want know what you want them to do next, what your objectives are.

It will help if you set goals to try to meet those objectives and then continue to improve on them

You want to continuously measure, evaluate and improve.

Your website should and could be your most valuable and effective lead generator and sales person. Treat it with the same attention, affection and care you would your best salesperson.

BECAUSE of the rapid advances in technology it’s not uncommon that you have to do a major overhaul or even replace your website every two to four years. They are not just for show anymore

It’s very important that you put your site to work for you. To do that you must have a current, well- functioning, engaging, compelling and converting website.

When’s the last time you showed your website some affection and gave it a makeover?

Do it now.

Do it now or call us if you’re a busy owner and would like to have someone you trust make things quick and easy for you. Call now at 801-892-9090 or visit our friendly website. Our site is just ‘raring-to-go’ to award you some valuable free gifts. www.WinningEdgeMarketing.com.

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