3 Deadly Mistakes You’re Probably Using in Your Email Marketing

By Rich Webb—What can you do to write and craft effective emails when you’re sending out email marketing? How do you avoid the deadly mistakes that even most professionals are making? That’s the BIG QUESTION isn’t it?

Let’s start with 3 of the most common and deadly mistakes that are often made–even by experienced marketers.

First: Stop including images!  Whaaaaaaaat?……you may say. Isn’t an image worth a thousand words?

Yes, it certainly can be…but first you have to get into your prospects inbox to be seen. If you are emailing a cold or very lukewarm list that hasn’t received your emails previously, many or even most, images will SHOOT you straight to the SPAM folder. Your email cannot be effective if it never gets a chance to be seen.

Now, that advice is a little bit controversial and there are some exceptions. There is some debate about how helpful images in emails are…or are not. Here is the CRITICAL KEY so that you will know when to use images or videos. Videos are still becoming more and more popular in almost all online venues and you do not want to get left behind without using them in your businessl

So…PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!… when you are emailing a warm list, (people who know you and have received email from you previously) images and short videos can evoke instant emotion and desire to engage or respond. Those are 2 of the 5 Critical Factors you are looking to achieve in any advertisement. So…..very good idea to your warm or hot list! But to a colder list…..not so much.

Second Mistake: Do not include more than 3 links in your email. More than 3 links in your email is almost always going to send you straight to the PROMOTION or SPAM folder as well, unless your recipient has already white listed your email. More on how to get this done in a later post.

Now it’s a great idea to write a fantastically interesting paragraph and then include a link to read the rest of your email or see the accompanying video or related graphic image on your blog or other site. But try to keep your number of links to two, maybe three links at the most.

Mistake 3: Continuing to send emails if you do not get a response to the first 3 to 5 emails you send. I see this happen all the time in my own email Inboxes. I have 3 or 4. I monitor the SPAM folders just to keep on top of what gets through and what gets rejected if I do not white list it myself.

I have at least half a dozen companies that have continued to email me weekly for over a year…even though all my email providers bumped them automatically into SPAM after about the 4th or 5th email. They are certainly wasting money.

Now an individually sent email will still often get through even after several non-opens, but a bulk email will usually get $%#t canned. Don’t let yourself end up on the ‘email can’.


Now you might be thinking, “Rich, why all the mistake-oriented tips, why don’t you give me some strategies that will help me write more effective marketing emails?

Sounds like a good idea to me, so here you go.

Emails are for sales, building relationships, and continuing to follow up with people…but of course people have to see the emails first…hence I gave you 3 major mistakes to avoid.

Therefore, my positive tips for you (let’s end with a flourish!) would first be to write every campaign email like it is a personalized email before you even send it up for a campaign broadcast. Then use your email provider to make it unique and customized with the person’s name when you send it to your list.

Now my last tip in this article is… to ask a question in EVERY email BECAUSE you want to generate a response. What happens when you respond to somebody or they respond to you? You are often able to begin an email thread.

If you have an active email thread with a potential client, you’re going to continue hitting the inbox…which is the first goal of email marketing anyway. So, it puts you on a great track.

Questions also happen to be a great way to stimulate emotion, engagement and response. Every marketing or sales email is made better when you include an EFFECTIVE QUESTION.

These are some of the exact tips strategies and insights we have used to grow our business. I hope they can help you as well.

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