Still the Best Place to Live Your Dream

by Rich Webb
We have just passed through another July.  Sizzling hot days, warm summer nights and half the country on vacation any given week.  Many of us have been joyfully involved with fireworks, picnics, barbeques, water activities, and pursuing summer fun with family and friends.  This month’s activities have helped me realize how much I appreciate and enjoy my family.
Because we celebrate Independence Day in July, most of us watched dazzling displays of fireworks, perhaps mixed with concerts and any other loud booming noises we could find or set off ourselves.  I got a major shot of energy just from watching the excitement level of my grand-kids as they ‘kicked it’ with sparklers and other fiery toys.  Thankfully, only the sparklers and fireworks burned; not a single one of the participants nor anything else nearby.
As a kid the 4th of July was always a highlight of my summer.  Although, *full disclosure here*, I must confess to being something of a mini-pyromaniac and a cherry bomb aficionado when I was younger.  I was ‘on probation’ for a full year with the Fire Department of my small town. *Note If you don’t know what a cherry bomb is you have led a sheltered life–May you be blessed for it.
Nowadays, however, I have repented and changed my ways, and get my kicks vicariously from watching big budget summer movies and the activities of  my posterity.  I spend my energy and thoughts on being grateful for the country we live in and being more truly grateful for those who have given their lives so you and I can enjoy our freedom.
Our country has it’s share of screw-ups and problems and we have slipped from #1 in some crucial areas such as education, medical care, upward mobility and sadly, we are no longer are the model for state-of-the-art infrastructure.  It looks like our economy will slip out of the number one spot very soon as well.
However, the economy does not have to slip-slide into the lower depths for you and me.  Because we have been given an inheritance of freedom we have the chance to choose and empower our own economic situation…if we learn the life-enhancing skills of marketing and sales and apply them in some way to something we love. Never stop believing your own personal economy can and will become number 1.
The USA remains the most favorable location for personal dream fulfullment, if we approach our lives  with commitment and the ability to think and apply strategy we can still take our own businesses and careers to number one in our own industry or company.
If enough of us commit to do that we will help pull our country back to the top as well.  Here’s to “Never Stop Living the Dream”.
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