The Forgotten Social Media Tool

By Rich Webb…”the Profit Doctor”

You Could Be Ferociously Blockading Your Customers from Doing More Business With You!  

What?…Not me…Never!!!    That’s how most of us would likely respond.

Don't forget to use one of the oldest and most profitable social media tools

Don’t ignore your customer’s needs by forgetting to correctly use one of the oldest and most profitable social media tools

We have all been deluged by so many new social media gadgets and opportunities that we often forget the one that’s been with us forever.  But we forget at our own peril.  In fact, not using this almost forgotten tool in the correct way actually damages your business.  You should realize that if you’re driving your business forward on threadbare tires, it’s only a matter of time till you experience a blowout.  Read this article and protect yourself now.

If one of your customers verbally confronted you and told you that you were putting up barriers and keeping them from doing business with you, I suspect you would be shocked and want to take action immediately.  But believe it or not, research proves that most companies actually limit the amount of business their customers are able to do with them.

I know this sounds crazy…almost unbelievable.  No one in their right mind would restrict and limit customer purchases, would they????

The problem, of course, is that it happens unintentionally.  In fact, I’ll bet a handful of cold hard cash that it’s happening to some degree in your business right now.

The fact is most businesses simply do not offer their prospects and customers enough opportunities to buy from them, learn more from them, or enough chances to interact, expand and continue the customer relationship for the long-term.

One of the simplest and most immediate ways to turn this situation around is to find ways to stay in touch with and deliver valuable and relevant information to your prospects and customers more often.  Deliver more relevant information and offer desirable end results to your customers more consistently and they will buy from you more often.  They will feel they have a stronger relationship with your company and will make greater efforts to refer more customers and endorse your products and services.

One of the easiest and fastest methods of making effective contacts with your potential customers more often is to use the telephone for pro-active customer contacts.  After all, the telephone is the original social media tool for business and is still perhaps the most effective for immediate results.  And yet, it has been around for so long, we often forget about it.

Don’t let your business become a victim of  ‘Telephone Alzheimer’s disease’…it truly can be deadly.

The phone is more urgent than other social media because almost every business has a phone,  and not having a proper procedure and training to ensure its proper implementation for customer and sales development is very costly…in fact, it’s a downright business crime!

Force yourself to create a relentless, yet courteous and helpful, program of outbound calls to your prospects and your company’s barriers to customer purchases will begin to disappear and your sales will inevitably increase.

Picture of Phone w Computers

Don’t get so caught up in online media that you forget to make your telephone a profit center–Add a follow up phone call to your online marketing campaigns

There are several ways that outbound telephone calling can become extremely profitable to a business. Most companies fail to maximize their profit potential through the telephone.  The biggest and most often missed opportunity is to consistently stay in touch with your existing customer base.  A call just to say thank you is almost always welcomed.

Even companies that strongly believe they stay in close contact with existing and past customers are usually surprised to discover how many customers they have missed when an actual survey or audit is done.  Are you one of those owner/managers who think your staff is staying in touch?

If you have been counting on others in your company to make follow up contacts on leads or customers…a neutral party audit or checkup is likely to surprise and disappoint you.

Outbound telephone calling can be effectively utilized in at least four different ways.

  • Consistently call to follow-up and qualify all leads, bringing them closer to closing.
  • Clean-up and enhance lists or databases, verifying vital info such as email, permission or research.
  • Prospect or cold call to generate new leads.
  • Consistently contact existing and past customer base for new opportunities.

An outbound tele-services company may make it easier to uncover revenue you have missed by making more consistent contacts on your behalf.  Many (in fact most) employees would rather rip one of their own hangnails than make outbound contacts consistently.

But beware…they often try to hide their hatred of outbound contacts from the boss.  If you ask them directly, they are likely to tell you they are doing a good job.

A valuable opportunity that is often missed is to consistently follow-up and qualify prospects with telephone contacts.  Research indicates that 78% of leads generated are never followed up with more than one contact.  Research also demonstrates that on the average it takes between 5 and 14 contacts to close a sale.

What do these two facts tell you about how often you should go back and follow up with your prospects? 

Simple arithmetic tells you that you can immediately begin to make more money by increasing your number of follow-up contacts.

It is also possible that you have overlooked the probability that telephone calling may be used to find new potential customers for your business or to set appointments for your salespeople.  Typically salespeople hate to prospect and are not usually very good at it.  Prospecting is the psychological opposite activity of sales and it is usually much more effective when done by non-sales people.

Most companies also overlook the value of maintaining an accurate database and collecting information from, and then following up with new sales opportunities to, their past customers.  Each of these opportunities can be pursued and maximized by hiring an effective outbound tele-services company.

Of course, I would be remiss not to recommend my own outbound contact center…Tele-Help, a div. of WE Marketing.  Call toll free now at 1 800 299 9081 or visit the website at .

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