Did You Know…Companies with a Written Marketing Plan Average More than Double the Growth Rate of those that Don’t?

by Rich Webb…

A real professional in any profession in life must plan, practice and then perform…if you want to become a rising star and remain at the top.

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Taking time to create, evaluate and write out your strategy in a marketing action plan always pays off

How does a written Marketing Action Plan amplify your success and make your business more professional?  A marketing plan is an arranged structure, a roadmap, or a guide to action.  No wonder most small business owners think it’s too much bother.


A professional coach could never afford to take that attitude–and neither can any business owner or manager.  You can’t afford to either if you call yourself a professional.

The trouble is a written plan is the only tool that  leads a business step-by-step through the process of clearly and precisely determining the correct target market for your product or service, accurately evaluating and determining the target markets needs and wants, and taking action which communicates and fulfills these needs and wants better than the competition.

An effective marketing action plan should be a comprehensive, sequential, interlocking, step-by-step decision and action process.  A real-world business roadmap with landmarks or benchmarks that can be looked at and used as a guide as a company works its way through the daily clutter of emergencies and occasional drudgery of doing business.

Plan, practice, and perform.  I once heard Roger Staubach, a Hall of Fame quarterback in the NFL, describe the difference between a professional and a good amateur.  He spoke of the Three P’s of being a professional.  Real professionals always plan, practice and then perform.

According to Roger, in any professional sport an athlete or coach will first develop a plan, practice that plan, and then perform that plan on the field or in the competition.  Contrast this with the methodology of most small and medium-size companies whose Three P’s of marketing are Procrastinate, Pontificate and Put-it-off-again.

An amateur basically just shows up and performs as the best he can and generally fails to plan ahead.  Certainly the amateur does not document his or her plan.  Make a commitment to yourself to avoid remaining an amateur in your business.  Make sure you’re minding your proper “P’s”.

A successful plan must be based on an accurate evaluation of the competition, the conditions and rules surrounding their performance, and an accurate assessment of one’s own strengths and weaknesses.

Successful coaches in any professional competition go into the competition with a written plan based on the most comprehensive and complete evaluation and strategy they were capable of developing.

If you want to attain your greatest potential success in business you must develop a written plan in the same way successful coaches and athletes do.  Just like any airline pilot, if you want to successfully get where you’re going in the most effective way, using the least time and effort possible, you must have a business flight plan.  Just like any vacation traveler who wants to save themselves from wasted time and effort, you must carry a business map to refer to, to guide your journey.

A written marketing plan is about increasing the odds for your success.  It’s about gaining leverage.  It’s about optimizing and getting the greatest results for your effort.  You cannot get the best leverage of your efforts without one.  You cannot gain your highest possible success without a documented plan.

Professional athletes and coaches, whose livelihood depends on their success; where the smallest of differences or winning edges gained can be the difference between victory and defeat, recognize this fact.  Any business owner, partner, or upper-level manager should recognize it too.

If you fail to plan, you……………………………………

If you know enough to finish the saying above, you know enough to do what you know you need to do.

Put yourself in position to ‘double the growth rate’ of your business and take some action now.

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